Reasons to invest in Dorado ICO

Many ICOs are emerging every single day. The current period we are going through looks a lot like the dotcom boom and the gold rush. Everyone is rushing in to capitalize on this new thing without even realizing what it is, why the hype is growing. Once again everyone is looking for the greater fool but this ended with January 2018. Until next time that is. So now that everyone is back down to earth and not investing blindly, let us discuss on the ICO which has high prospects based on the writers opinion.
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Why I invested in Ripple (XRP)

In the past few months ICOs and crypto prices have been skyrocketing and buzz around them has been increasing. Everywhere you look, online or offline, a lot of people are talking about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And then a big slump happens. Correction happens, over
Everyone is looking for the next coin to invest in but nobody realizes what the meaning of all this is.
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