Reasons to invest in Dorado ICO

Many ICOs are emerging every single day. The current period we are going through looks a lot like the dotcom boom and the gold rush. Everyone is rushing in to capitalize on this new thing without even realizing what it is, why the hype is growing. Once again everyone is looking for the greater fool but this ended with January 2018. Until next time that is. So now that everyone is back down to earth and not investing blindly, let us discuss on the ICO which has high prospects based on the writers opinion.

On this post we will discuss about the possible prospects of Dorado ICO.

  1. Active business valued at 60M+
  2. Dorado is an operational fork of Foodout Group, an established leader of food delivery in 6 countries with 50 million in sales, 1 million active users and over 4 million orders. The company is currently a regional leader but it is envisioning to go beyond their current product. Their plan is to become the leader in last mile deliveries besides just food utilizing their existing platform’s core technology and user base, and using latest innovations (like drones) to scale globally.

  3. 7% of net sales will be paid out to Token Holders
  4. Dorado promises commision payouts to all token holders quarterly. 7% of all their net sales will be paid out on every quarter.

  5. Team/li>
    This is a multi-national already established company with expertise in the delivery area. They also have a proven track record of internationalization and penetration into new markets.

  6. Token Lock
  7. The teams tokens are locked for the next 3 years to prove their commitment into their vision. This is not another Bitconnect, this is not a pump and dump. ALthough nothing stops them from dumping their tokens 3 years from now, but if all goes well, the team itself will want to hold on to their tokens for even longer.

  8. The target Market
  9. The target market is around 215 Billion. Drones are becoming a household product which makes their prices even lower. So even with 1% market penetration it makes Dorado a 2.15 billion company

Disclaimer: Diversification is key in this bussiness. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Just pick a couple of baskets that seem the most durable. I am not an investment specialist nor an investment advisor. What was presented above are my personal opinions. Risks always exist when investing your money so never invest money you are not willing to lose.

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