C# GeoCoordinate class – .Net Standard 2.1

Since Microsoft has not ported the GeoCoordinate Class to .Net Standard and I personally needed it, I decided to make the port myself and provide it publicly as a nuget package for everyone that is in the same position as me.

Although there are some differences regarding the original GeoCoordinate class and more are going to come. For starters this version is an immutable version and the distance calculation can be done using 3 different methods (Haversine, Spherical Law of Cosines and Vicenty’s formula) compared to only Haversine done by the Microsoft provided one.
More extensions to this are pending to come in later versions of this nuget package, but for version 1, this is it.
The nuget package is available to download here and in any other way you normally install nuget packages. Github page of the project is also available here

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